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Pay Rent or Quit Notice

There are many legal forms in the field of property manager, whether it be a self-manager or management company. Property managers must be well versed on the specific rental laws in the state of California. Renters will sometimes test the knowledge of their rights and those of the manager. Managers need to be aware of correct forms for all situations in the rental of buildings, apartments or homes, as well as the three-day notice. The manager can give the tenant a California three-day notice to pay or quit their rental agreement.

Property owners or managers can obtain a free California three-day notice to pay or quit through online through MyPropertyManager. All help and legal forms are available for no charge after signing up for a free account. These California three-day notice forms to pay or quit must have the tenants name, address, city and county on the form. The manager must put in writing to the tenant the exact amount of money that is needed to bring the tenants rent up to date, rental periods and how much rent was due each period. The manager must give the tenant three days to comply, paying all past due rent,as this is the right of the tenant. If the tenant does not pay, then they must move from the property. The owner has the right to notify the tenant of possible removal from the property, as well as lawsuit if they donít comply. The manager will notify the tenant that the court will order them to move from the property,repay of all past due rent, plus court cost, attorney fees and damages, if they fail to repay past due amounts and/or remove themselves from the property. The owner has the right to break the lease if the tenant does not pay the past due rent in full.

These free California three-day notice to pay or quit forms must have a signature of the manager and date signed. The manager must also tell the tenant in what form they will accept the funds for any past due rent.