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Notice To Vacate

California thirty-day notice to vacate laws require both tenants and landlords to give notice before moving out or being evicted from a rental property. Per California laws, landlords must give at least thirty days notice, unless special circumstances allow them to reduce that requirement to seventy-two hours.

In order to give your tenant thirty days notice, they must have had to break a rule. These rules include bothering other tenants, having committed or committing a crime on the grounds of your property or grounds, damaging your property, failing to pay rent or violating lease terms. If a tenant has not broken one of these rules, then, legally, you may not give them a thirty-day notice to vacate.

Hand delivering a notice to vacate letter to the tenantís home or work is the best bet when serving your tenant with one. Certified mail is an option if your tenant cannot be located. Laws bound within the notice to vacate state that the tenant must move out within thirty days or make alternate arrangements to remain on your property. A thirty day eviction notice does not always have to list a reason, but be prepared to back up the eviction with one. Certain situations make it illegal to evict your tenant without a reasonable cause. These reasons include discrimination or retaliation, rent control or subsidized housing.

A thirty day notice to vacate due to unpaid rent must include the amount that is owed, the address where the remittance needs to be made, and a contact phone number. Before being evicted, the tenant has a chance to come up with the necessary money, and it cannot be required that it is paid in cash. If the tenant remains on the property after thirty days without paying the rent that is owed, you should now file an eviction lawsuit. When filing a lawsuit, you must provide proof that backs your reasoning for vacating the tenant. If this case is won, the tenant has five days to vacate, or will be forcibly removed by a sheriff.

Thirty-day notices to vacate can be found for free online at MyPropertyManager. By downloading these forms, you save time and money. It is also made easier to serve tenants with a legally binding form.