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Lease Templates part 2

If you own a rental home or property then using lease forms and templates and other legal documents will help you protect yourself and your property. Whether you own a single unit or a dozen, using free lease forms and templates will allow you to collect information on your tenants, receive all agreements in writing and work out payment details clearly.

While any good lease will outline the information essential to both the property owner and renter, using free lease forms and templates keeps your expenses down. Since most lease agreements cover the same information, there is no reason to pay an attorney every time you need a lease. Using a uniform lease also allows you to familiarize yourself with the form and quickly find any information you need at a glance.

A good rental lease will cover all of the details you have agreed to with a tenant. The amount of rent to be paid, the duration of the lease and the amount of security deposit should be agreed to in writing on the lease prior to the tenants moving in. While you can probably cover these items on your own, a good lease will force you and the tenant to consider other details and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Other items your lease should include are utilities, trash pickup, pets, property damage and rental termination details. You could mistakenly overlook something while making a verbal agreement with a tenant, so leases and other property management forms help you define the details in advance.

Finding free lease forms and templates is an essential part of property management, even if you only own a single rental home. Since mistakes can be costly, renting out your unit or home the the right way the first time can save you money, time and headaches.. You can find free lease forms for rental properties, as well other free property management tools, at