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Free Landlord Forms

Being a landlord involves a lot of paperwork, specifically including forms and legal documents. The good news is that a landlord doesn't always need a lawyer to find or prepare these forms; landlord forms and templates can be found online. Through MyPropertyManager, these forms are free of charge.

It seems that every action of a landlord or property manager requires some kind of documentation: Credit checks, basic landlord and tenant agreements, landlord association documents, landlord insurance documents, and rental agreements for houses or apartments, not to mention the legal notices like the notice to vacate. A landlord or property manager could spend a fortune having a lawyer prepare all of these documents for him/her, but it saves time and money when you download them for free from MyPropertyManager.

When one is looking for free landlord forms and templates online (or otherwise), there are a number of choices. Sometimes the forms can be obtained through a local government office or website, but the problem with this approach is that they often don't know which forms a landlord needs for their particular situation and rarely have anyone available with the time or inclination to help. Therefore, a property manager or landlord needs to know exactly what they need before consulting a government office or website. A simple online search will provide many sources that offer forms and templates for landlords, but they are often costly. Even if you do find a site that offers free landlord forms and templates, they are most likely a specialty site that offers only a few specific types of form, only offers forms for one or two states, or their forms might have a hidden cost.

The best bet is to find an online property management specialist like They offer a full range of free landlord forms and templates for just about every contingency that a landlord would have to deal with, and all that is required is to sign up for an account, which is also free. In addition, a site like this can provide other tools and advice to help a property manager or landlord to run their property efficiently, providing a one-stop shop for property management needs. When looking for free landlord forms and templates via the internet, MyPropertyManager is the place to begin.