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About MyPropertyManager

There comes a time when the tools and methods you are using no longer fit your needs. When the options available to you are not what your company needs you automatically tell yourself that you can make something better. That's what a group of individuals in the real estate industry set our to do 3 years ago. MyPropertyManager is the creative collaboration between property managers, real estate agents, designers, and programers all working side by side to create the simplest solution to bring property owners, tenants, associations and vendors together in one easy to use fluid system. We didn't create MyPropertyManager as a new trendy web based business idea. We created it as the ultimate tool for our company to use in the day to day operations of its property management. We feel that MyPropertyManager is a great product that unlike other property management software packages that are expensive and cumbersome to use, is not only easy to use, but inexpensive. MyPropertyManager has the potential to be a game changer in the real estate and property management industry so we decided to release it out to you, the public.

Thanks for your interest in MyPropertyManager. We want to grow our software and services to meet your needs and we greatly appreciate your comments and questions. Every bit you give us helps make MyPropertyManager a better product.