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Community Association Management

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About MyPropertyManager
Community Association Management
Tired of stuff slipping through the cracks? Whether you belong to a small Community Association or a large one, MyPropertyManager Community Association Manager Edition helps your community and maintains the accountability and integrity that is required by the laws that govern your community. MyPropertyManager CAM Edition is not only a database for your Association information, it is a multifunctional software designed for TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY for all involved with your community.
Features and Pricing
Price per month.
Track Alerts for Upcoming, Pending and Past Due events.
Control Alerts functionality so that only specific Users are alerted.
Control user preference to permit different access levels of security for each user.
Board Members
Track Name and Board Position.
Maintain note log on Board Member.
Track and Maintain Board Documents such as Signed Board Responsibility forms, Board Duties, etc.
Track Member Elected Date and Term Expiration.
Track Vendor Contact Information.
Track Contracts & Expiration Dates.
Track Insurance Policies and Expiration dates.
Track Workers Compensation Policy and Expiration dates.
Track Correspondence.
Track Call Logs.
Assign Vendor "To Do's" and track to completion.
Request Proposals online.
Access to Nationwide Vendor list with rated vendors.
Rate Vendors after service is complete.
Action Items
Track Action Items due for the community.
Bring people "in the loop" so that each time an item is acted upon, a notice is sent to the User.
Set Completion deadlines and follow up dates.
Assign Maintenance items directly to a vendor for item automation.
Print Action item log.
Add custom task types.
Info & Governance
Maintain Governing Documents of the Association.
Maintain Newsletters, Budgets, Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Maps and much more.
Track and Maintain Unit information and history such as violation logs and past due accounts.
Track bank account signers, certificate expirations, interest rates and account types.
Track Assets, their maintenance schedules and warranties.
Track violations including a history per unit.
Track delinquency notes and collection activities.
Print Action Item reports.
Print Board Member Reports.
Print Vendor Reports.
Print asset schedules and maintenance intervals.
Print Violation Schedules.
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